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Unit 3

3.3 If-Else Statements

1 min readβ€’november 16, 2020

Peter Cao

Caroline Koffke

3.3: If-Else Statements

We have just covered if statements, but what if we want something to be done if the condition that we are checking is false? This is where the else statement comes into play. The header for the else does not have a condition and is just "else" while the body is what is performed if the condition for the if statement is false.
Together, these create an if-else statement, or a two-way selection. Here is the anatomy of an if-else statement:
some code that runs before conditional statement if (condition) { code that runs if the condition is true } else { code that runs if the condition is false } some code that runs after

Example: Number Rounding

Remember the rounding we learned in 1.5? Now with an if-else statement, we can finally write a method that implements this as follows:
public static int round(double number) { if (number >= 0) { return (int) (number + 0.5); } else { return (int) (number - 0.5); } }

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