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How to Create an Impressive Resume
Looking to create or improve your resume? These tips will help you stand out as a candidate for your next job!
How to Find Research Opportunities in High School
Research opportunities for high school students can help you explore career paths or build your resume. Learn more with this research opportunity guide!
How to Get Internships in High School
Finding and preparing for internships as a high school student! From resume tips to networking to dealing with rejection, this guide has it all!
How to Get Summer Jobs In High School
How do you get a summer job? Check out this guide for help with searching for and applying to summer jobs as a high school student!
How to Get an Internship with a Cold Email
What is cold emailing? Check out this guide to learn how you can use cold emailing to help your internship search.
How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile to Help Your Internship Chances
Need help with your LinkedIn profile? Here's how to get noticed and get the internship you want while still in high school!
How to Keep Track of Your Job Applications
Free and easy to use template for a job application tracker that you can use on Google sheets or Excel for better organization!
How to Rock Your LinkedIn Profile
Top tips you need for creating your LinkedIn profile and getting noticed while job and internship searching!
How to Use Cold Emails to Get Internships
Complete guide to cold emailing which includes a cold email template and more tips and tricks to make the process easier!
How to Use LinkedIn to Get an Internship
Why do you need a LinkedIn account to get an internship? Career insight for high school students.
Pros and Cons of Paid vs Unpaid Internships
Should you do an unpaid internship? Learn the difference between paid and unpaid internships, besides the money!
The 5 Best Majors If You Want to Work With Animals
Love animals? Want a job working with animals? Learn about 5 college majors for animal lovers.
What it's like Majoring in History
History nerds unite! Learn what majoring in history in college is like to help you decide if you want to choose that pathway.