How to Get an Internship with a Cold Email

ℹ️ What is cold emailing?

Cold emailing is emailing (or reaching out) to someone you may not know personally for a conversation or meeting of some sort. Many high school students interested in scientific research, internships at labs or companies, or any other interests may want to challenge themselves.

This is where cold emailing comes in. However, there are always a few key things to remember:

  • Professors and companies are extremely busy. Be sure that your email is concise and easy to read, but also explain the nuances of why you are interested in working with someone.
  • Understand that rejections are likely. Most students who are able to pursue research or receive an internship are anomalies.
  • Don't reach out solely for college admissions. Ultimately, your passion will always shine through, so do not waste time. If you are stuck studying something you have no interest in, all parties are not benefiting.
  • Remember that the professor or company is giving you more than you are returning. These types of opportunities are difficult to come by, and these busy people are taking time out of their day to help mentor others.

📧 Template

(Remember to personalize the template to have your own voice and for your own needs!)

Dear Dr. _____,

My name is _____, and I am a _____ (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior) at _____ (school name, city, state). I am writing to request an internship at your lab this coming _____ (can be changed depending on the type of email). I am fascinated by your work with _____. I am very interested in how research on ______ can give insight into _____.

(Read their recent publications. Find current projects and funding. Be sure to talk about their research in a concise manner that shows you are genuinely interested in their work.)

Although it is unusual for a high school student to conduct research, I am interested in  _____. I already have some experience in these fields. (Briefly explain 1 or 2 of your experiences with specific fields in science, research, or whichever field you are interested in pursuing an internship. Do not list any activities that are not relevant.)

I would be honored to work under your supervision. I attached my resume to this email. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you!

Guide Outline

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