How to Get Summer Jobs In High School

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1. Should I Get a Summer Job in the First Place? 🤔

Let's start by asking a few questions:

  • Can you accomplish tasks without outside reminders?
  • Are you able to resolve conflict peacefully?
  • Do you have time for a job with everything else you plan to do?
  • What do you hope to accomplish or get out of the work experience?

Other considerations could include if you have reliable transportation and if you are of age to work within your respective state/country. Do a bit of research to determine the laws surrounding what age you can start and how many hours you are allowed to work. Here is a general resource for students in the USA:

This part is a bit tricky, so remember to be completely honest with yourself!

2. Where Can I Find Opportunities? 🔍

Wonderful of you to ask! In general, the places you frequent most may be a nice place for you to work. Love the ice cream shop down the street, or the library on the next block over? Ask if they have employment opportunities. Do not feel limited by typical ‘summer jobs’. If you feel that you are able to take on a paid internship for a skill that you have, then ask businesses around your town that suit your interests and see if they need employees. Other places or people you can look/ask around are as follows:

For more information on internships and apprenticeships, check out these articles from Fiveable!

3. I Found Where I Want To Apply, Now What? 📝

It seems quite simple, but ask if they are hiring! Look presentable when asking and be confident in yourself. Depending on the nature of the job, you may need to create a cover letter and resumé. Ask for an application in the location where you want to work to then determine if you need one. Additionally, if you get asked to interview, prepare! Research common interview questions, and have a practice run with someone you trust. Also, determine what days and times you can work (usually, the more flexible, the better), the skills you have, and any habits you may need to work on.

Here are some resources to use for creating a cover letter and resumé tailored to high school students:

Here are some resources for preparing for an interview:

4. Got the Job? 🎉

Congrats! However, keep in mind that, at the end of the day, you are responsible for your actions, and how others respond is not something that you can control. However, you can prepare yourself to deal with issues that may arise by setting boundaries and being confident in who you are!

Little Tips ⌚

  • Early is on time, and on time is late (but not too early! 5-15 minutes early will help you feel less rushed).
  • Wear the uniform you are supposed to wear.
  • Be clean and presentable. If this is your first job, it is probably in customer service, meaning that you will interact with a lot of people.
  • If you need time off, ask as soon as you know.
  • Enjoy the process and learn from this experience.

Boundaries 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♂️

If you feel uncomfortable with someone you are working with or are serving, make sure to tell your supervisor. There’s always a way to get help, and staying in an uncomfortable situation can lead to conflict or danger.

Additionally, know whether you feel ok with working in certain environments. For example, if you work at a pizza place that also serves alcoholic beverages, and you are not ok with working around alcoholic beverages, say so. You will be able to do so much more and will be happier if you are in a place that makes you feel safe!

5. Didn’t Get the Job? 😓

It is a-okay, and you will be fine! If you can, find out why you were rejected and work on building the skills you have. Then, try again. There are plenty of jobs available and if one says no, there will be another that says yes.

Now get out there and snatch that summer job! 💪

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