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Unit 5

5.10 Ethical and Social Implications of Computing Systems

2 min readβ€’november 16, 2020

Peter Cao

Now, we are finally done with creating our classes! However, there are some concepts that we have to cover relating to programming and the wider world.


Programming has many impacts on the wider world, whether it be through social impacts such as providing some people with access to technology while others don't get this access. Economic impacts include the reliance of the global economy on technology and computer programs, especially in stock trading and economic predictions. Programming and technology has also led toΒ globalization, which includes the mixing of cultures globally and increasing the ease of communication between people anywhere in the world. However, this brings problems with culture especially with the generation gap with the younger generation being highly exposed to digital technology and older generations not being as exposed.

System Reliability

When making programs, programmers also have to take into account system reliability. With system reliability, different devices can perform the same task differently and at different speeds. In different systems, there can also be different security issues inherent to the system that allows hackers and other people to exploit system loopholes in their programs.
To improve system reliability, anyΒ bugs, which are unintentional problems caused by the code, should be fixed as soon as they are detected. Once they are fixed, these are released to users in the forms ofΒ updatesΒ orΒ patches, which fix the problem on individual computers so that they can be used safely and also correctly.

Intellectual Property

When creating programs on the internet, usually, the program is the property of the people who made the program. However, with the rise ofΒ open source programs, this line gets blurred. With open source programs, anyone can make edits to the code to make it better so the editor has some stake of the project if the program owner allows them to. Finally, there is also licensing and access, which allows other to adapt from the code to make their own programs. There are many different types of licenses that one can get and each has a different use. Some include the Creative Commons Licenses and also the MIT License.

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