5 Resources to Help You Explore Potential Career Paths

Knowing what you want to do with your life is difficult. You may have an idea or two about what career field you would like to go into, but how are you supposed to know for sure?

When considering different career paths, it’s good to test out your options with further research and trying the feel of the career first-hand. It’s only natural to want to be as sure as possible before committing to a path.

But finding your perfect career doesn’t have to be stressful! So here are some resources you can utilize to help you explore, gain insight into, and find your future career.

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1: 💼 Candid Career 💼

Want to hear about your potential profession directly from a practitioner? Candid Career is a great resource to check out. The company talks to people from nearly any profession you can imagine and creates videos to give you insight into their careers.

All of the videos are free-flowing conversations where the person discusses their responsibilities and the tasks they complete, giving you an inside look at what the job is actually like.

Candid Career is very specific with the job roles they interview, making it easier to narrow down a certain path. Even if you only know of a general industry you are interested in, you can search through professions that way. You could find a career you didn’t even know existed. The website is a great starting point for when you are just beginning to explore a potential career.

2: 💎 Forage 💎

The best way to know if you’re perfect for the job is by actually working for it, and now you can do that virtually!

Experience what it’s like to work in a profession with Forage! With virtual work experience programs from Fortune 500 companies, you’ll get insights into a career and into an actual company you could potentially work for. You get to complete the daily work of different professions like law, STEM, HR, consulting, and more. Forage allows you to obtain first-hand experience through virtual work experience programs, all while improving your skills.

Note: Visit theforage.com to learn more about their free virtual work experiences and send us an email at hi@fiveable.me if you are interested in learning more about this partnership!

3: 🛑 Career One Stop 🛑

Sponsored by the U.S. Department of Labor, Career One Stop lets you test your skills in career assessments so you can explore potential careers. The website also has a bunch of information on different career paths to explore those careers further.

On top of the exploration opportunities, Career One Stop goes even further to help you put a plan in action to get into the field you choose. With a feature that even enables you to find a job, you can look more into the responsibilities and the companies you could potentially work for.

4: 💻 One to Online 💻

One to Online helps explore potential career paths as it gives you access to almost all the information you could want to know about a particular job. If you have a very specific career in mind, you can find the title to almost a tee.

Rather than giving you information on what the teaching profession is like, it will specifically narrow it down to the level you would be teaching and the area. The additional specificity can help you if you are trying to decide on a career within the field.

You’ll find the daily tasks, skills required, work values, work styles, education requirements, and more about the profession on the website. All this information is an easy way to narrow down what could be right for you.

5: ⭐ Virtual Job Shadow ⭐

Virtual job Shadow is a website that allows you to explore potential careers through video-based career planning. Job Shadowing is a perfect way to witness what a job is like without actually committing to the field. As it is an interactive tool, you get to play an active role in finding your future.

By picking and choosing from these tools, you’ll get a few steps closer to finding the perfect career fit. Good luck finding your future!  

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Erica Burns is a senior at Temple University studying English and political science and is currently a Content Writer Intern with the Forage. She is passionate about writing, literature, and politics, specifically environmental and human rights.

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