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The school year is officially over! 🎉 It’s time to switch gears and begin exploring all of the things that make us wonder: from cybersecurity to astrophysics to virology and robotics, Camp Fiveable is designed to bring out the curiosity in you!


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What are Fiveable+ students saying?

I got a 4!!! Honestly, at the beginning of the year, I was doubtful that I’d even pass the exam. Thank you Amanda DoAmaral for helping me so much!! I really appreciate the effort you put into creating Fiveable.


I snatched a sweet sweet 5, my dudes. Thanks to literally everyone here who are the only reason I did well on this test. Congrats to everyone else on their scores!!


I can’t believe it. I got a 4 on the AP exam!!! I’m so proud after all of the hard work and practice it took. I want to thank Fiveable again for helping me. You can imagine how happy I am after seeing this score!


After the most stressful exam I’ve ever taken, I got a FOUR! I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited to get a test grade! It’s not a five, but I still made it to the top 29% of test makers, which is better than I expected!


Frequently Asked Questions

How Long does a fiveable plus subscription last?

You’ll be billed monthly for $5 to keep access to the Fiveable library and upcoming exclusive live streams. You can pause or cancel your account any time. 

Can i just purchase Fiveable plus for one subject?

Everything comes in a bundle with all the subjects included. We don’t sell by the subject because we know that most AP® students take more than one and you should have access to whatever you need. Plus, learning shouldn’t be siloed to one subject. Watch whatever you need, it’s just $5 per month.

If some live reviews are free, why would I pay for fiveable plus?

Not all of our live streams are free. We have exclusive streams just for Plus members where we can provide more in-depth support. For the 3 nights before every exam, all live streams are for Fiveable+ members only. 

IS This for students or teachers?

Our main focus is to support students, but every review is also valuable for teachers. Whether you’re a student or a teacher, you’ll find the replays and slides incredibly useful.

Are there discounts for class sets or bulk orders for schools?

Yes! Email us at hi@fiveable.me if you are interested in purchasing 10 or more Fiveable Plus memberships and we’ll give you a discount!

When will new subjects be added?

There are 38 AP® subjects and our goal is to support all of them. We’ll add new subjects as we grow and hire more teachers. Every Fiveable Plus member will get access to new subjects as we add them. If you would like to request a subject or are interested in teaching a subject, please email.