Our Story, Our Passion.

We are a team of educators, creators, and innovators with years of experience in classrooms across the country. We are self-proclaimed nerds with a passion for education and technology.

We create engaging content through interactive live streams, fun review games, and clear study guides to help students and teachers master complex concepts and skills.

You know that moment when everything makes sense and you feel like you can rule the world? We want every student to feel that every time they learn.

Amanda DoAmaral


Austin Monroe

Head of Development

Tan Ho

Head of Growth + Web

Claire McHale

Head of Social

A note from the founder

“For 5 years, I taught AP World History & AP Human Geography in Oakland, CA. It took time for me to understand the complexities of these exams and to figure out how to motivate students, but then something clicked. Every year, more and more students signed up to take APs because in my classroom. It wasn’t “a place for the smart kids”. It was a space for all kids. We unpacked the content together and picked apart the rubrics until we mastered every last point.

It was so important to make exams fiveable for every student because each passed exam created a more accessible path to college, both financially and competitively. In my last year at Skyline High, nearly 70% of my students passed their exams, most with 4s and 5s. Although I chose to physically leave my classroom, I knew I could bring this same success to students around the country through live streams, shared content, and partnerships with teachers.  And it worked. Last year, 94% of our first class of students earned 4s and 5s on their exams.

Join us. Support us. Teach with us. Learn with us. Collaborate with us. Reach out to any of us!”

✌,  Amanda