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5 min readfebruary 16, 2021


Dalia Savy

So you want a 5 on your AP Psych exam? Duh! Of course, you do! Whether you want to study psychology in college or not at all, the credit you can earn from AP Psychology will come in handy.
Last year, only 22% of students that took the AP Psych exam scored a 5. You'll need to surround yourself with the absolute best resources if you are headed toward a high score.
Although there are thousands of teacher websites and other free content across the internet, these five resources are proven to help students pass the exam with flying colors. Some of them are free, some cost as much as $40, but when you consider the amount of college credit you can earn, it's a worthy investment to pass this exam.
Let's jump in!

1. Fiveable

What is it? The perfect mix between group and online tutoring. Every unit has a guide that goes along with it that explains, in-depth, everything you need to know to ace the exam.
This year, Fiveable is also going to cover the AP Psych curriculum with students, making it possible to take the AP class online 🥳
There are two different semesters: Fall 2020 and Spring 2021. Each 15 week semester covers the whole curriculum, even though most schools teach AP Psych in a full year. Join at any time for $55 and obtain access to:
  1. Weekly 60 minute live lectures led by certified AP Psychology teachers 📽️
  2. Study guides for every unit covered 📚
  3. Projects and practice assignments to make sure you nail the content 📝
  4. Feedback from exam readers that have had experience grading before 💯
  5. Office hours led by students, like you, that have taken AP Psychology and obtained a high score
  6. An active community of support, helping you every step of the way🤗
You can choose either Fall 2020 or Spring 2021! They are exactly the same. If you take the Fall 2020 course, you will still have access to all resources in the Spring 🌺 The live interaction component of the course will no longer be available in the Spring.
Why is it helpful? The key feature that Fiveable has that you won't find anywhere else is a live and experienced teacher to answer all of your questions. If you attend the live sessions, you can submit questions for the teacher to discuss. The replay will get time-stamped with the answered questions, which makes it really easy to go back and review that answer. Also all written resources are completely free and accessible from anywhere.
Fun Feature: The cool thing about Fiveable is that even though the live reviews are at the core of this resource, there are several other key features like trivia games that members play live! There are thousands of members across the world and you can see how you stack up against them!

2. Cracking the AP Psychology Exam, Princeton Review (on Amazon)

What is it? For AP Psych, the Princeton Review prep book is a great resource because of its practice exams. Although the content explanations are a bit long for a prep book, they are also written in a way that is easy to follow.
Why is it helpful? There are two full-length practice exams with answer keys that are incredibly useful to use. One of the best ways to study for AP Psych is to take as many practice multiple choice questions as you can because it's 2/3 of your score on the exam.
Fun Feature: There are test-taking strategies outlined in the beginning and we can't stress enough how useful this is. Although you may be tempted to only focus on the content, it's so important that you understand the skills, so you can master the FRQs.

3. AP Psychology with Mr. Duez

What is it? David Duez is a dedicated and experienced AP Psychology teacher from Texas. He has been building his website for years and it has become a massive resource for students around the world as they study for the exams. He is a page for each of the units and so many awesome materials embedded throughout.
Why is it helpful? Mr. Duez is a current AP Psych teacher and this site was primarily built for his own students, which is what makes it so helpful. There are videos, lectures, helpful links, and study guides throughout. It's all hyper-focused on exactly what you need to know.
Fun Feature: If you are self-studying for AP Psych, he has all of his agendas for class posted as well, so you can essentially follow along with his class!

4. iScore 5 for AP Psychology (for iOS)

What is it? It's an app! Actually, it's a super useful app and super affordable ($4.99). There are tons of questions on here that cover all of the topics in a really straightforward way to help you study terms. These practice questions are not stimulus-based like the exam, but rather quick recall so you can play it a whole bunch of times.
Why is it helpful? Vocabulary is such a big part of any AP exam, and this app was created by teachers who truly understand the value of studying key terms. If you play this a few times a week, you'll be golden.
Fun Feature: The entire app is designed as a massive trivia game for AP Psych students. There is a running leaderboard to see how you do against other students!

5. AMSCO Psychology: Preparing for the Advanced Placement Exam

What is it? It's more than your average prep book but way less than a textbook. Each chapter is roughly 10 pages and gets straight to the point.
Why is it helpful? It's super easy to read! If you get it soon, you could read the whole thing.
Key Feature: Every chapter has practice questions at the end, which are amazing! There are multiple-choice, short-answer, long-essay, and document-based questions that you can practice throughout. The only downside is the answer key, which is super secure and for teachers only.

Closing Thoughts

As long as you study the vocabulary over and over again, all that's left to do is practice. I'm confident you will do amazing on the AP Psychology exam.
When I took AP Psych, I read the textbook and made my own review sheets to help me study. This allowed me to actively recall all the information and then by the time it was May, I already had outlines of every unit. If you think this might work for you, give it a try!
If anything, check out our unit guides at Fiveable.
Practice, practice, practice, you got this.

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