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Activate Cram Mode to unlock your full potential.


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Save time
Whether it's the night before your exam or months before, you want to study faster. Our resources will help you cram better.
Fiveable is made up of former teachers and students who have taught and taken AP classes. We deliver what you need to know in an easily understandable way.
Reduce stress
We create AP resources to help you feel confident going into your exam. Exams can cause anxiety and stress and weโ€™re not a fan of that.
Resources you can trust
Letโ€™s be real, students know whatโ€™s up. Our content is created by students because who better to share their knowledge than current and former AP students?
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We're a bunch of passionate, weird, wonderful, and smart people who want to make education more accessible and equitable. We deeply believe that students need to be at the center of this work, both as consumers and creators. And that the purpose of our work is not to peddle toxic test scores, but rather focus on building up student confidence and collective student power. That's how we make change.
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