🎉 Fiveable is teaming up with Ben Freeman of Freemanpedia to bring you Game of 5s, the biggest live AP World trivia game ever.

Over the last four years, Freemanpedia has been hosting massive trivia games the Monday before the exam for AP World History students around the world to compete and review. More than 13,000 students tuned in last year to compete through 80 questions of trivia and this year, we’re going to top that number.

The live game kicks off on Monday, May 13 at 7p eastern! RSVP for the big game here! #gameof5s

In the past, the game was played using Kahoot! so that students could play on their phones while watching the streamed questions. This year, the entire game will be hosted on Fiveable’s mobile apps and within the desktop platform. With the switch to Fiveable, students will have the opportunity to play live, replay the game as many times as they want, and read explanations for each question.

Here’s how to join the game:

Download the Fiveable app on iOS or Android. No phone? No problem! Create a free Fiveable account here.
At game time on May 13, login through mobile or desktop to play! Every question will appear on your screen with four possible answers and 20 seconds to submit. You’ll then see question data to see how everyone else responded and a leaderboard.

ANNND! The students that earn the top 3 scores will win prizes for their entire class! Yep, the best scores will win for their whole class.

First Place: 🍕 Post-exam pizza party for the class!
Second Place: 🍩 Donuts & coffee the morning of the exam!
Third Place: 🎁 Fiveable + Freemanpedia stickers for everyone!

I’ll be live with Ben Freeman during the game with a play by play discussion which you can watch on Fiveable or on YouTube.

If you are planning a study group or class party to play, tweet us pictures and tag @thinkfiveable or @freemanpedia. We want to see you reviewing!!

Spread the word! Review season is here! #gameof5s