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Game of 5s

Monday, May 13, 2019 at 7pm ET

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Compete against students around the world in a massive AP World History trivia game.



1) Save your spot by downloading the app + creating an account. Or create an account here without an app.


2) Play the game live on May 13th at 7pm eastern using the Fiveable app or website.

Win prizes for your whole class


1st Place

Post-Exam Pizza Party
We’ll connect with your teacher and buy your entire class pizza after the test.


2nd Place

Breakfast before the exam
Walk into the exam confident and energized.


3rd Place

Lots and lots o’ stickers
Who doesn’t love some swag?

Last year, Ben Freeman broke the internet when 13,000+ students logged on to play trivia. Can we beat that number this year?


Download the Fiveable app to save your spot

*No phone? No problem. Create an account here

75 Questions. Thousands of Students. 3 Winners. You in?

Game of 5s is a massive collaboration between Fiveable and Ben Freeman of Freemanpedia. It will be completely open and free to all students and educators around the world.

In order to save your spot, all you have to do is create an account via the Fiveable app or web app here. In your account settings, please make sure AP World is selected as a subject you’re interested in. 

Winners will be notified on Monday night

About Fiveable

Fiveable is a platform for educators and experts to live stream interactive lessons to learners. In the last year, over 15k AP students have tuned in to learn from AP teachers through live lectures, writing practice, Q&As, and trivia games.


About Ben Freeman

FREEMANPEDIA began as a class project after the AP World History test in 2008. To this day, Ben Freeman has turned it into a conduit for all of his AP World and World History II information with a mission to translate the wealth of World History for students in the 21st Century.

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