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August 4, 2020

High school is probably the most anticipated of all of our lives, but what I was not expecting was the work.

Before high school, I had never studied, yet I did well in school. What I did not realize that high school was much much different.

August 25 came rolling around and all my teachers assured me that their classes would not be too stressful, but I soon found myself behind. I was struggling to make new friends and catching up on all my work. Before finding a balance, I had no idea what I would do.

This year, my freshman year, I took two APs, Seminar, and World History. At first, I slacked off on my work by turning in work late and making up excuses. I soon realized that my grades were also following this trend, slowly declining. My parents, being the typical parents, expected the best out of me. When they saw that I lost focus on school work, they decided to take a step forward.

It was the week right after homecoming week, trying to make the best out of my school year, I ended up ignoring all my work and instead focused on partying and going out with my friends. What I didn’t expect was for my parents to come in that Thursday morning to talk with my counselor. This meeting was literally life-changing. 


About an hour after my parents had come, I was called out of class to the office. After this experience, I started to fix my study habits. Rather then procrastinating I finish my work done and then continue to have fun.

Finding a balance between work and play is probably the most fundamental aspect of my high school year. By doing so, I had seen that my grades had practically shot up from Bs and Cs to As. I felt much better mentally and realized that although work may seem stressful, it is important to keep a balance.

Another aspect which I personally saw an improvement in was my relationship with my parents. Before, I would hide most of my life from them because of my insecurity that they would question my scores and grades. With the confidence in my work ethics and abilities, I was able to foster a more meaningful connection amongst us.

Something else which I have dealt with in freshman year was my issues with stress. Yes, doing my work did help my grades, but I found myself dealing with so much pressure from handling my AP classes, my homework, other school required projects, and sports. I felt that I had taken upon too much because of my constant strive and idea to be the best. I wanted to make my parents proud by being the best. What I realized was that I could only do this by taking support. Some websites which aided me were Khan Academy, Quizlet, and CK12.

AP Exam Season

AP exam season rolled around, pretty much stabbing me in the back. I had no idea what periods one and two would contain because I did not focus on the beginning of the year. While watching Youtube videos when I was taking a break from studying, I saw an ad by Amanda, the creator of Fiveable. “Stop binge watching Youtube and join Fiveable!” she said in the ad.

Hopeless, I sighed and clicked on the website and found a bunch of videos. AP exam season, although still stressful, was made much easier when I used these platforms. With my new resources and study skills, studying for exams became a breeze and I no longer dreaded them. In addition, I used my study skills to complete my multiple seminar essays and finally, I am complete with my freshman year. Speaking from experience, every track has hurdles, but if you constantly work towards achieving your final goal you will cross them. 

Looking back, I can say that these experiences have shaped me into becoming the top scoring student I am now. Without those downfalls, I would not have succeeded.

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