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zyonn singleton

August 5, 2020

Exceptional standardized test scores are a major factor in college admissions. Thus, many high school students go through the standardized testing process yearly. Most find it to be an irksome process.

As many high-achieving students across the world take their first swing at the SAT, they are usually surprised with their first results. These students typically obtain a less stellar score than they were hoping to receive.

PRACTICE! Often, students become discouraged from practicing when they don't see immediate results while studying. Practice often times does not make perfect; instead, it makes progress. Progress is the best way to improve test scores.

Don't fret just yet!

There is still hope in sight. Currently, I have been studying for the SAT for the past month, and I've learned that studying for the SAT can be a very boring and tedious process. It requires a lot of attention, motivation, and a long attention span.

With the help of certain books, staying focused toward the end of June, and narrowing my studying down within the first week of July, I was able to increase my score by 100 points! This was not an overnight process, however; instead, I had to put in patience, diligence, and most importantly hard work.

The Solution

Through the studying process so far I have learned that in order to achieve the score you desire, you must:

1. Thoroughly understand the format and consistency of the test.

2. Turn off the analytical mindset when working on the Reading section. In the orthodox English classroom, teachers tell us to think, "What does the author mean?" Instead, you must be very literal on the SAT. Passages on the test directly lay out answers.

3. Remember that there is only one answer per question, and you cannot argue with the test!

4. Keep WORKING and do not give up—both before the test and on the test day.

Ultimately, preparing for the SAT or any standardized test can be a stressful and repetitive process. Working to achieve what you want may be a lot of work. However, once you reach the goal you desire, you'll see that it will be worth it in the end!

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