Finding Comfort in Discomfort

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Kaitlin Arnold

kaitlin arnold

August 5, 2020

Before I started this school year, I believed that senior year was a year of wrapping up loose ends and finalizing my high school career. Imagine my surprise when college applications, interviews, and various competitions completely flipped my view of senior year and led to major changes in my academic experience.

I started my final year by taking five dual enrollment courses and two AP courses. I was also president of five clubs at my school. This schedule kept me extremely busy, but senioritis did not kick in until college decisions started to roll in later in the year.

Unlike many students, I did not have a dream university that I wanted to attend.

For someone who has always planned their academic career years ahead of time, I felt as though I hit a roadblock when the time came to select where my next adventure would take place. I became overwhelmed with the choices I had to make about my future at such a young age. I learned a lot from my ivy league interviews and from writing my college admissions essays though. I realized that I wanted to pursue a major that truly excited me, not just one that others approved of. I also found the value in staying open-minded and being at peace with the chaos that seemed to compose senior year.

Most importantly, I learned the value of being a flexible learner and leader. Following my interests became more important to me during this year. I applied to eight colleges as a Mathematics major, as I was involved in many STEM clubs and activities throughout my high school career. However, through further development, I realized that marketing and advertising aligned more with my career desires.

Throughout this year, my focus has shifted to being a student that is flexible and is not stuck on only one path. Everyone has a unique path to take, and I believe following your passion is the only way to reach your individually curated path.

My senior year has not simply been a transition between high school and college, but rather a bridge that allowed me to connect my aspirations and goals into a real path. I am now confident in my college and major selection and I am thrilled to find out what my future holds.

I hope that any underclassmen reading this will find comfort in the confusion that they may feel with the various life changes that are coming their way. Understanding that is is okay to be unsure and possibly afraid of what is ahead is completely normal. Everything works out in the end, even if it is not what you imagined it would be. So learn from my mistakes and use your senior year as a year of similar exploration.

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