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During summer break, it often seems like reading is a waste of time, an activity that doesn't compare to the things you could be doing instead. People tend to put away their books or not actually take the time to sit and read every once in  a while. However, taking your own time to read during summer break is more beneficial than not. Yes, it improves vocabulary, keeps you from dropping your reading level, and all the good stuff to help once school starts again. And while that is all important, that's not the only reason you should pick up a book anytime you have a little time to spare. Reading can help you escape. When you really get into a book, it's as if you can escape reality and venture into a whole new world while you read. Having that kind of break is always helpful during a jammed packed summer, or even a sit at home boring one. As you read about new characters, and live in their lives for a bit, you can really connect to them, making you care more and more about the story. Being passionate about something gives you a reason to move on to the next chapter, not to sit back and let your summer waste away. If you have a Library, used book store, Barnes & Noble, or any place to get books near you, it is definitely worth the trip to go find something to read! So while it may seem like a bore, if you pick up a book this summer, you will always have a next chapter to look forward to, making summer so much more fun than it already is!
Aug 5 2020
3 min read

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