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This price of Fiveable+ will be $55 starting in Fall 2023.

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📚Study Guides: Thousands of topic, unit, exam, and how-to guides on exactly what you need to know
😈 Cheatsheets: 1-page charts that summarize the whole subject
📓 Study Plans: Breakdown big tasks and stay on track with these organizers
🌶️ Cram Finales: Live events in the days before big exams (APs, SATs, PSATs, ACTs) and deadlines (College Admissions)
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🕹️ Practice Questions: Test your knowledge with unit-specific questions
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Join Fiveable+ for only $40
This price of Fiveable+ will be $55 starting in Fall 2023.

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Live events hosted by subject experts to help you cram right before your exam
Join Fiveable+ for only $40
This price of Fiveable+ will be $55 starting in Fall 2023.

Practice year-round with unlimited questions & explanations

  • Access to unlimited practice questions in every subject to test your knowledge
  • Simplified explanations to fill in any gaps
  • Track your progress to complete all questions and focus on the areas that need the most work

*100-question limit without Fiveable+ beginning in Aug 2023

Personalized AI support

  • Chat with Pep, an AI-bot who is an absolute expert in the content every high school student needs*
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*Coming in Fall 2023

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new features
Join Fiveable+ for only $40
This price of Fiveable+ will be $55 starting in Fall 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in my Fiveable+ subscription?

All Cram Finales are included in your subscription. We currently have Cram Finales available for AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Human Geography, AP Physics 1, AP Psychology, AP US History, and AP World History. We will be adding SAT, ACT, Common App, and more AP Cram Finales throughout the 2023/24 school year.

See the full list of next year’s offerings above!

• Unlimited practice questions for you to test your knowledge
• Access to our AI bot for personalized support
• First access to new features we develop throughout the year

What is a Cram Finale?

Cram Finales are live, virtual events hosted by subject experts. Finales are tailored based on the exam. For example, an AP Cram Finale is a 5-night event that focuses on all units, practice questions and test-taking tips. Formats for other subjects like ACT, SAT and College Admissions Cram Finales may vary. You will leave each Cram Finale feeling even more confident to tackle your exams.

How will I access the Fiveable+ offerings?

After you purchase your Fiveable+ subscription, you will be emailed a unique code to sign up for any Cram Finale we host, including the 2023 APs. Fall events will be announced during the summer and we’ll notify you so you can sign up. Our unlimited practice questions and AI Support bot will be available in August!

How long does my Fiveable+ subscription last?

Your Fiveable+ subscription is good for 12 months from purchase. After 12 months, your subscription will automatically renew. For example, if you purchase Fiveable+ on May 1, 2023, your subscription will be good through April 30, 2024.

Do I need multiple Fiveable+ subscriptions if I’m taking multiple AP exams?

Nope! Just one Fiveable+ subscription will get you into any Cram Finale for one full year from date of purchase.

What if I already bought a Cram Pass for an upcoming Cram Finale?

If you have purchased a Cram Pass before Friday, April 21, check your email for a special code. If you didn’t receive a code or have a question, email us at hi@fiveable.me.

Will financial aid be available?

We understand that not everyone can afford to purchase Fiveable+. If you need financial assistance in order to participate, please fill out this form and we will be in touch.

How do I cancel my subscription?

If needed, you can cancel your subscription in your Fiveable Dashboard under “Manage Subscriptions.” Your subscription must be canceled before your renewal date. You will not receive any refund if you cancel your subscription early.

Still have additional questions?

We try our best to respond to all inquiries within 1-2 business days. If it's more urgent, please use our Live Chat located on the bottom right of the website.
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