Hi! I'm Amanda, the founder and CEO of Fiveable. I've hosted 50+ live streams and you can catch me live streaming reviews for AP World History. I direct the digital learning experience at Fiveable, manage the team, and pitch the vision to anyone and everyone. I'm an unapologetic Boston sports fan and I spend way too much time listening to political podcasts. ✊?

AP® score release week just got a whole lot better.

This fall, Fiveable will be expanding its AP® subject line up from 7 to 19 subjects. That’s more than double our current number and half of all the AP subjects available!

What does all of this mean for you?

Each subject comes with weekly live streams for students to review content, practice FRQs, and ask all of the questions you have. Experienced teachers and former students host the streams to bring you everything you need to know each week.

And this year, we’ll also have weekly professional development and collaboration streams for teachers. This is a space for educators to gather and share best practices, design engaging lessons, and refine those grading skills.

All streams are free while they are live and you can access our entire library of replays, stream slides, and other resources inside Fiveable Plus. This year, for Fiveable Plus members, we will also be releasing brand new mock exams in November and March so you can practice and you can submit free responses to us to grade for you!

More live streams every week in different time zones. A larger and better bank of educational resources (notes, study guides, blogs, etc.). More diverse and quality streamers. A significantly better Fiveable experience! Typically, most platforms would charge an arm and a leg for the increased content, but we’re sticking true to our mission of democratizing education. The $5/month price tag won’t change. But the quality of the content and user experience will be significantly enhanced.

As always, we’re constantly developing our platform with and for students and teachers. We need your input in order to evolve. With that said, we’re even more excited to show you Fiveable 4.0 that we’ve been working on behind the scenes.

But that’s best saved for a later date, yeah?

Lots to be excited about! Check out all the new subjects available starting in August of 2019:

Social Science

AP World History
AP US History
AP European History
AP Psychology
AP Human Geography
AP Macroeconomics (new!)
AP Microeconomics (new!)
AP US Government (new!)


AP Biology
AP Chemistry (new!)
AP Environmental Science (new!)
AP Physics 1 (new!)

Math & Computer Science

AP Calculus AB (new!)
AP Calculus BC (new!)
AP Statistics (new!)
AP Computer Science A (new!)
AP Computer Science Principles (new!)


AP English Language
AP English Literature (new!)


Our next wave of new subjects will be based on requests! If we’re missing something you want to see, tweet at us @thinkfiveable and let us know!

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