How Fiveable Can Prepare AP Students During School Closings Due To COVID-19

Published on Mar 13, 2020

AP exams are still scheduled for May. Here’s how to prepare amid school closures.

The reality of this week is that COVID-19 is here and it will impact each of our communities. Many have already closed schools for the coming weeks and we’re anticipating many more school closings to follow.

It’s unclear if AP exams will be administered this May. College Board has stated that they are monitoring the situation and will post updates as they come. It’s tough to know how long this crisis will last and how disruptive it will be. For now, we should operate as though the exams will take place in May until otherwise confirmed.

As long as the exams are happening, we know there’s a lot of stress around preparations and we’re here to help.

What is Fiveable?

We’re a social learning platform for AP students to learn together through live reviews, live trivia games, and study guides. We’ve assembled a team of teachers, exam readers, and rockstar students that produce interactive content every week.

All of the content is free to use. Students can join live reviews hosted by teachers from around the world or watch the recorded replay another time. We have nightly trivia games for some fun competition. And we’re publishing dozens of articles every week.

Fiveable was started by an AP World teacher that streamed live reviews to students on Friday nights. Since then, we’ve expanded to 15 AP subjects and bring students and teachers together to learn in interactive ways. Edsurge profiled the origin story of Fiveable last April. 

I’m a student. How do I use Fiveable?

Easy! Head to and search for what you need. Scroll down to see upcoming live reviews you can RSVP for!

Here’s a few ways Fiveable can help you stay ready for APs:

  • Join live reviews to get through new content even when school is closed.
  • Play live trivia to see how you stack up against others.
  • Read through articles and study guides to answer your questions.
  • Post other questions on the community forums.

If you’re still feeling worried about exams, we have a full slate of cram sessions starting in the last week of March. These are streams hosted by exam readers and exceptionally talented teachers. 

Because of the high demand for cram sessions, these are the only paid service we offer. Passes will only be available for purchase for those on the waitlist starting next week. Join the waitlist now. Cram passes are $35/exam.  

I’m a teacher. How do I use Fiveable?

Also easy! Head to and fill out the form to set up your teacher dashboard. 

The dashboard allows you to add your students quickly and assign live or pre-recorded events. You can have your students attend a live review and then give them credit for attending. 

It’s free to set up a teacher dashboard and free for students to use the content. Here’s how to get it set up:

  1. Fill out the form at
  2. We’ll approve your account as a verified teacher within a few hours (or sooner)
  3. Create classes for each of your class periods at 
  4. Add your students by pasting in a list of emails. Students will get an email with instructions to set up their account
  5. Create an assignment
  6. Track progress!

Here’s a few ways to use Fiveable during school closures:

  • Assign live streams to keep students accountable for studying at home
  • Have your class login to play trivia against each other

If you’re interested in purchasing bulk cram passes for your students, please email us at and we’ll get you a discounted quote. 

How do schools/districts sign up?

We’re partnering with schools in a number of ways over the next few weeks. Ultimately, we’re here to support students in any way possible, so if you have any requests from us, just let us know. Here’s a few ways we can support schools:

  1. Sign up your students and teachers so they can assign homework while home.
  2. We can add more streams during the school day if demand is there.
  3. Purchase bulk cram passes for your students.

Email to get started.

Upcoming Free Live Reviews for AP Students

Every day, we have teachers and students hosting live reviews that are free and open to all. Our streamers were selected from an application pool and have all completed rigorous training. 

All upcoming streams are listed on the Fiveable Calendar, but the dates and times are consistent for each subject:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How are streamers and content creators vetted?
A: The content team was selected from thousands of applicants and then trained rigorously through our processes and systems. They come with years of experience in AP as teachers and students and we support them through all content creation. Read more about the team and workflow.

Q: How does Fiveable make money?
A: Although we offer a lot of content for free, we do have paid products as well including cram passes that include exclusive streams. These are $35/exam or can be purchased at discounted rates for bulk orders. We do not sell any data from our site.

Q: I’m interested in streaming and/or creating content. How can I help?
A: Awesome! You can find all the information and applications here

Q: My school is closed and would like to use Fiveable. How do we start?
A: Email and let us know how many students you have. We’ll work with you directly to make sure your students are supported. 

Hi! I'm Amanda, the founder and CEO of Fiveable. I've hosted 50+ live streams and you can catch me live streaming reviews for AP World History. I direct the digital learning experience at Fiveable, manage the team, and pitch the vision to anyone and everyone. I'm an unapologetic Boston sports fan and I spend way too much time listening to political podcasts. ✊?
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    AP Latin is also needed for this program.

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      Hi Wendy, the image of our schedule shows streams in Eastern Time.


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