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Unit 6

6.11 Reform in the Gilded Age

2 min readjune 1, 2020

Ashley Rossi

With great growth also came great problems ⚠️. As mentioned earlier the name of this period was coined by Mark Twain for that very reason. From afar, the period seemed all shiny and new; however, upon a closer look, it was teeming with problems. 


Journalists 📰 known as muckrakers began to focus on issues such as the plight of the urban poor and the corruption of big business. These individuals helped bring these problems into the public eye and, because of this, there was a great call to reform in the latter half of the period.  The problems that came about during this period led to new political debates around issues such as citizenship, economic corruption, and civil rights. Many believed it was the job of the federal government to step in and regulate the issues the nation was facing. 💭

Social Gospel

The Social Gospel movement advocated that Christians work to improve the plight of the urban poor. As a result of this movement, charitable groups such as the Salvation Army and YMCA were created. Many artists and authors also began to use their platform to call for reform.

Women’s Suffrage

One of the major reform movements of the period focused on women’s suffrage 🗳️, with groups like NAWSA leading the call. Women faced greater educational opportunities 🏫, but few career opportunities and even fewer opportunities in politics. Female involvement in reform efforts was widespread and not solely limited to the area of gender equality. 👒
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