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6.8 Causation in the Imperial Age




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written by

Eric Beckman

eric beckman

June 23, 2020

The Course and Exam Description uses causation as the historical thinking skill for assessing this Unit. Students might be more likely to see cause/effect questions in class and on the AP Exam for this Unit. There were many cause-effect relationships in the age of imperialism.

Global capitalism

Global Capitalism contributed to de-industrialization in some parts of the world while supporting industrialization in imperialist countries in Europe, the US, and Japan 💸

Expanding overseas

The more powerful transportation and military technologies produced by industrialization created stronger states that then conquered other parts of the world. These transportation technologies also made more migration across more of the globe possible. 🚢

Violence and injustice

The violence and injustice of imperialism inspired rebellions and resistance around the world.  In the 1900s, these responses developed into national independence movements that created new countries, especially in the years following World War Two. ⚔

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