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written by

andrew fultz

June 22, 2020

Contextualizing the Unit

  • Columbian Exchange increased movement of products, ideas, people, and diseases around the world → increased population

  • Industrialization came about as a result of increased wealth & demand

  • European states practiced Imperialism for more materials and access to markets

  • Political shifts occurred as a result, led by rebellions and revolts

  • More and more people migrated because of economic opportunity and political turmoil

Main Events

1762: Rousseau publishes the Social Contract

1765: James Watt invents steam engine

1776: American Revolution begins

1789: French Revolution begins

1801: Haitian Revolution begins

1815: Latin American Revolutions begin

1848: Seneca Falls Convention organized by feminists & abolitionists

1868: Meiji Restoration

Major Trends

  • Industrialization → consumer goods more affordable and available

  • Railroads increased circulation of goods, people, and ideas

  • States could industrialize through private investment (Britain, US) or state investment (Russia, Japan)

  • Demand for raw materials increased, new sources acquired by steamship

  • Capitalism prevailed in Western Europe, but made life hard for many

  • Harsh working conditions led to labor unions for collective power

  • The rich got richer and the poor got poorer

  • Women gained economic power with opportunities in factories

  • People organized movements to advocate for government protections

  • Voting rights expanded as a result of organized progressive movements

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