Eric is the Lead AP World History teacher here at Fiveable. He has taught history with high school students since 1990, first in California and now in Minnesota. Although Eric has taught many US and AP European History classes during his career, his teaching schedule has been all World History, both on level and Advanced Placement, for the past few years. In these classes he is always looking to decolonize the curriculum and to encourage students to think historically. Eric also blogs at .

This week Fiveable live streamers review content and original practice questions from c. 1200 to c. 1750, specifically Unit 2: Networks of Exchange, Unit 3: Land-based Empires, and Unit 4: Transoceanic Connections. Click here to save your spot for any of the events below. Live reviews are free. All times Eastern, unless noted; attendees will be global. Plus members can watch replays of these reviews afterwards.

  • Sunday, 10/13, 6 PM: Skilled educator Caroline Castellanos explains what is meant by “diasporic communities” in World History, and why knowing about them can earn points on the AP World Exam. This topic recurs in World History, and attendees will practice a short-answer question (SAQ). Diasporic Communities in the Late Middle Ages (Unit 2)
  • Sunday, 10/13, 10 PM: Power student Jed Quiaiot leads a Live Study Session, including practice multiple-choice questions and a practice short-answer question. Students should bring their questions and concerns. Jed can help!(Student-Led Study Sessions)
  • Monday, 10/14, 10 PM: Dynamic teacher James Zucker reviews the important role played by gender in world history. Gender in the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern World (Unit 3).
  • Tuesday, 10/15, 8 PM: Star educator Patrick Lasseter discusses what is meant by “labor systems” and provides examples. Labor Systems in the Early Modern World (Unit 4).
  • Tuesday, 10/15 9 PM Pacific (12 AM Eastern on 10/16)  Featured teacher streamer Allie Thiessen gets up early in Germany to explain how empires used religion from 1450 to c. 1750 CE. Religion and Early Modern Empires (Unit 3).
  • Wednesday, 10/16, 8 PM: Talented teacher Donald D’Orto reviews the famous Gunpowder Empires of c. 1450 to c. 1750 CE.  Expanding Empires in the Early Modern World (Unit 3).
  • Thursday, 10/17, 8 PM: Caroline Castellanos uses her skills to help students develop their short-answer question skills with practice SAQ. Answering Short-Answer Questions (Exam Skills).
  • Thursday, 10/17, 11 PM: wonderful educator Melissa Longnecker discusses the writings of three noted world travelers, including Margery Kempe whose manuscript is pictured above. Travlers’ Tales from the Late Middle Ages (Unit 2)
  • Sunday, 10/20 6 PM: Superstar students Varoon Kodithala and Sruthi Srinivas host a Live Study Session. Sruthi and Varoon can help! (Student-led Study Sessions)

Fiveable student streamers host study sessions on Sundays. Students and teachers review key skills and concepts on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. Many weeks feature also feature bonus reviews on other days.