Eric is the Lead AP World History teacher here at Fiveable. He has taught history with high school students since 1990, first in California and now in Minnesota. Although Eric has taught many US and AP European History classes during his career, his teaching schedule has been all World History, both on level and Advanced Placement, for the past few years. In these classes he is always looking to decolonize the curriculum and to encourage students to think historically. Eric also blogs at .

Join Fiveable live reviews this week to learn content and practice with original questions. After a review of Networks of Exchange c. 1200 to c. 1450 (Unit 2), this week’s sessions focus on the Early Modern period, c. 1450 – c. 1750:  Land-based Empires (Unit 3) and Transoceanic Connections (Unit 4). Click here to save your spot for any of the events below. Live reviews are free. Attendees interact with streamers and each other.. All times Eastern. Fiveable Plus members can watch replays of these reviews afterwards.

  • Sunday, 10/20, 6PM: AP World legends Varoon Kodithala and Sruthi Srinivas lead Live Study Session, including a close look at an important primary source from Unit 3: Leo Africanus’s visit to the Songhai Empire. Students should bring their questions and concerns. Varoon and Sruthi can help!(Unit 2)
  • Sunday, 10/20, 10 PM: Star student Jamaal reviews Unit 2: Networks of Exchange, c. 1200 to c. 1450 CE, with original practice questions. Students can prepare for tests on these important topics: Silk Roads, Mongols, Indian Ocean, Trans Saharan Trade, and more.  Unit 2 Review: Networks of Exchange  (Student-led Study Session)
  • Tuesday, 10/22, 5 PM  Featured teacher streamer and bitmoji artist Allie Thiessen stays up  in late in Germany to explain connections across the World’s oceans from 1450 to c. 1750 CE, the key concept in Unit 4. Find out what is meant by Transoceanic Interconnections (Unit 4).
  • Wednesday,10/23, 5 PM: Super student Charly Castillo explains the Columbian Exchange, one of the most important concepts in AP World History: Modern. Columbian Exchange (Unit 4).
  • Wednesday, 10/24, 11 PM: Talented teacher Evan Liddle reviews the famous Islamic “Gunpowder Empires,” c. 1450 to c. 1750 CE. Enjoy a thoughtful explanation of the Ottoman, Safavid, and Mughal Empires. Islamic “Gunpowder Empires” (Unit 4).
  • Thursday, 10/24, 11 PM: wonderful educator Melissa Longnecker uses her skills to help students to answer document-based questions. Save your spot to practice with an actual DBQ.  Mastering the DBQ (Exam Skills)
  • Sunday, 10/24, 3 PM: Star student Jamaal Willis returns to help students prepare for tests on the land-based empires of early modern Afro-Eurasia. Jamaal will lead students through practice multiple-choice and short-answer questions. Review Unit 3 Review: Land-Based Empires (Unit 3)
  • Sunday, 10/27 10 PM: Power students Evanna Hasan and Jed Quiaoit discuss the most important skill in AP History—analyzing documents—in a Live Study Session. (Student-led Study Sessions)

Fiveable student streamers host study sessions on Sundays. Students and teachers review key skills and concepts on TuesdayWednesday, and Thursday evenings. Many weeks feature also feature bonus reviews on other days.