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AP Macroeconomics 2020 Formula Sheet

1 min readmay 15, 2021


lg grace

Given that 2020's AP Macro exam is radically different than last year, you might be looking for a downloadable 1-page cheat sheet. We at Fiveable don't loooove the term "cheat sheet" but we have created this cram chart PDF including key formulas and theories for each of the units on the new format exam.
Additionally, there are primary 5 graphs to know for AP Macro within units 1-5:
  • Productions Possibilities Curve (Unit 1)
  • Aggregate Supply and Demand (Unit 3)
  • The Money Market (Unit 4)
  • Loanable Funds Market (Unit 4)
  • The Phillips Curve (Unit 5)
If you need further last minute help reviewing everything you learned while school was still in session, check out these study tips and watch or replay live ap macro reviews.


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Unit 1: Basic Economic Concepts
Unit 2: Economic Indicators and the Business Cycle
Unit 3: National Income and Price Determination
Unit 4: Financial Sector
Unit 5: Long-Run Consequences of Stabilization Policies
Unit 6: Open Economy-International Trade and Finance
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