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4.0 AP Japanese Unit 4 Essay Prompts

1 min read•november 16, 2020


Caroline Koffke


Katelyn Lien

AP Japanese  🇯🇵

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Possible Prompts

Its important to practice the FRQ portion, here are some sample prompts!
For more detailed information about the different FRQ's of the exam, read the AP Japanese Exam Format guide (coming soon).

Write an article in which you compare and contrast Japanese cars and cars from your own community.

Present your own view or perspective on Japanese inventions. Discuss at least FIVE aspects or examples of Japanese inventions.

Present your own view or perspective on Japanese technology. Discuss at least FIVE aspects or examples of Japanese technology. (Sample answer below)

*On the exam, this would be a spoken response.
Five aspects/examples:
My own perspective:
*Remember this is only an example and answers can vary!

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