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7.4 Women and Economic Development

Harrison Burnside

harrison burnside

โฑ๏ธ April 1, 2020


Women and Income Inequality

In almost all countries in the world (besides North America and Australia), women work more hours than men and still make less money per hour. Although there are more women in the workforce, they do not have equity in wages or employment opportunities.

Effects of Employment for Women

When women can get jobs, they can get healthcare, higher education, and get specialized ways to work and start a family to improve their status in society. As countries develop economically, these women can have more rights which allows for more education and less โ€œtraditionalโ€ roles in homes. Their role in society can change and improve with an education because they can get a job, make money, and live without dependency on men.


Microloans are small credit or loans given to people in developing countries to start small businesses and help improve the economy. In Bangladesh, for example, the Grameen Bank gives microloans to women to start personal small businesses and provide for their families. These women have been able to be moved out of poverty because of these microcredit loans.

The United Nations developed a mandate called the Millennium Development Goals that were created in 2015 with eight goals in mind. One of these goals is to promote gender equality and empower women through the provision of better womenโ€™s health care. Some of the other goals include hunger eradication, basic universal education, and an end to abject poverty. Here is a graphic including all of the Millennium Development Goals below โ†“

Image Courtesy of UN

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