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6.0 Unit 6 Overview: Industrialization and Its Effects


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Sharii Liang

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May 12, 2020

Main Events 1815-1914

1815: Napoleon is defeated at Waterloo and exiled to St. Helena

1815: Congress of Vienna establishes conservatism and the Concert of Europe

1833: Factory Act is the beginning of workers’ rights laws to be passed

1845-1850: The Hungry 40s and the Irish Potato Famine 🇮🇪

1848: Napoleon’s ideas inspire revolutions across Europe AKA Revolutions of 1848

1851: The Great Exhibition is hosted in the Crystal Palace in England

1870: Second Industrial Revolution begins

1905: The Russian Revolution begins

1914: Mechanization and the factory system become the main production systems

1914: WWI begins

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Major Trends Between 1815-1914

  • New tech → Good & Bad Consequences

    • Improves the quality and ease of life for some people

    • Leads to the exploitation of workers and natural resources

    • WWI is fought with this new technology and leads to more deaths

  • Effects of Industrialization on Everyday Life

    • Increased Food Production 🌽 → increased the population everywhere

      • Removed thousands of people from their agricultural ways of life:  Enclosure Acts

    • Migration of people → Urbanization → Desire for reform in cities

    • Reinforced the structure of the common family

      • Men do all the work while women stay at home

      • Cult of Domesticity

  • Further divided Western and Eastern Europe

    • Industrialization → economic growth

    • No industrialization → famine and poverty

  • An ever-changing social, economic, and political structure 🏙️

    • Factories → Rise of the Bourgeoisie and the Proletariat

      • Created a middle class and class competition

    • Capitalism became the dominant economic policy 💸

    • Multiple political parties are founded to represent various groups

      • Chartists, Womens’ Rights, etc

  • Mass society begins

    • Heightened Consumerism

      • New technology makes items cheaper and more available

      • Mass marketing

    • Prosperity → More widely available leisurely activities 💃

      • Amusement parks, dance halls, etc

    • Education becomes more widespread

      • Not even barred for women

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