48 Important Dates for AP European History

Published on Dec 25, 2018

AP Euro Dates to Remember!

There will never be a question on the AP® European History exam that specifically requires you to remember a date. However, you do need to know the timeline of events to place cause and effect. Plus, you can earn evidence points for knowing dates. The following are the most important dates to remember:

Study Tip: Create your own Quizlet deck and study these dates! There are tons of decks already made with these dates (ex. here), but actually creating the deck is an important step in studying.

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Period 1 Dates: Renaissance, Reformation, & Exploration (1491-1648)

13481351 – The Black Death
1453 – End of the Hundred Years’ War
1455 – Printing Press invented
1492 – Columbus to New World
1517 – Protestant Reformation begins
1555 – Peace of Augsburg
1588 – Defeat of Spanish Armada
1598 – Edict of Nantes
1600 – Dutch East India Company founded
1618 – Defenestration of Prague
16431715 – Reign of Louis XIV in France
1648 – Treaty of Westphalia

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Live Stream Replay: Reformation

Period 2 Dates: Absolutism, Enlightenment, & Revolution (1648-1815)

1651 – Hobbes’ Leviathan published
1687 – Newton publishes Principia Mathematica
1688 – Glorious Revolution
1688 – English Bill of Rights
1689 – Locke publishes Two Treatises on Government
1763 – Treaty of Paris ends Seven Years’ War
1776 – American Revolutionary War begins
1776 – Adam Smith published Wealth of Nations
17891799 – French Revolution
1799 – Napoleon comes to power
1815 – Congress of Vienna / Age of Metternich

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Period 3 Dates: Industrialization, Nationalism, & Imperialism (1815-1914)

1830 – Revolutions in France, Belgium, & Greece
1848 – Liberal Revolutions
1848 – Marx & Engel publish Communist Manifesto
1861 – Unification of Italy
1861 – Emancipation of Serfs in Russia
1871 – Unification of Germany
1884 – Berlin Conference (Scramble for Africa)
1900 – Freud publishes Interpretation of Dreams
1905 – Russian Revolution

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Period 4 Dates: Total War, Cold War, & Realignment  (1914-present)

19141918 – World War I
1917 – Russian Revolution
1918 – Treaty of Versailles ends WWI
1929 – Stock market crashes, Great Depression begins
19391945 – World War II in Europe
1945 – UN established
1949 – NATO formed
1957 – Sputnik launched
1961 – Berlin Wall built
1962 – Second Vatican Council
1968 – Prague Spring
1989 – Collapse of Berlin Wall
1991 – Breakup of Soviet Union
1992 – Maastricht Treaty created European Union
1999 – European currency introduced (the Euro)
2000 – Putin elected President of Russia

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