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Unit 6

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Gene to Protein

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Gene to Protein - Stream Slides

39 min videoβ€’november 29, 2018

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AP Biology 🧬

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In this session, we discuss how genes become proteins. We discuss the importance of transcription and translation. We discuss RNA versus DNA in an overview (RNA is single-stranded and DNA is double-stranded). We discuss transcription of DNA to mRNA (coding and template strand). We cover key vocabulary terms (exons, introns, 5’ cap, 3’ poly-a tail), and give a splicing example using a sentence. We show two version of translation codon charts and the translation aftermath (using letters, words, sentences and paragraphs to discuss structures). We discuss mutations (2 types: substitution and insertion [or deletion]). We end by focusing on beneficial mutations (using Sickle cell anemia and antibiotic resistance).

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