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4.0 Unit 4 Overview: Cell Communication and Cell Cycle



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Annika Tekumulla

annika tekumulla

May 30, 2020

In a Nutshell

  • Your body is made up of TRILLIONS of cells that all have different responsibilities. That is a LOT of cells!!

  • In order for your body to function correctly, these cells need to work in unison by communicating with each other. 

  • Your cells also go through a process called the cell cycle in order to generate new cells.

Before we begin…

A good way to remember the importance of regulation in cell communication and the cell cycle is to think of a checklist. In order for these processes to be done correctly, there must be correct timing and coordination within the cell. 


Image courtesy of Pixabay.

❗ Important Vocabulary 

  • Direct Contact 

  • Plasmodesmata

  • Gap Junctions 

  • Paracrine Signaling 

  • Synaptic Signaling

  • Synapse 

  • Cell Surface Receptors 

  • Hydrophobic 

  • Hydrophilic 

  • Ligand 

  • Ion channel Receptors 

  • G-protein-coupled receptors 

  • Transduction 

  • Signal Transduction pathway 

  • Cascade Effect 

  • Homeostasis 

  • Negative Feedback Loops 

  • Positive Feedback Loops

  • Phases Of The Cell Cycle

  • Interphase (G1, S, and G2)

  • Centrosome 

  • Centrioles 

  • Prophase 

  • Metaphase 

  • Anaphase

  • Sister chromosomes

  • Telophase 

  • Mitosis 

  • Meiosis 

  • Cytokinesis

  • Cell Plate 

  • Cleavage Furrow

  • Cancerous cells

  • Metastasize

  • Apoptosis

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