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4.4 Changes in Signal Transduction Pathways





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Annika Tekumulla

annika tekumulla

May 30, 2020

Cellular Processes

Changes to any structure in the cell cycle can affect the signal transduction pathway. As we talked about earlier, the signal transduction pathway has the ability to alter cellular processes. Specifically, mutations can lead to detrimental effects on later responses. 


Mutations have the ability to greatly impact the cell cycle. For example, mutations in the signal transduction pathway can prevent the cell from regulating its cell cycle. When the cell cycle is unregulated, it can result in unrestricted cell division that could lead to harmful conditions like cancer. 

We will go over more effects that mutations can have on cells in section 4.7 Regulation of Cell Cycle.


Image courtesy of Giphy.


Along with mutations, chemicals have the ability to alter the signal transduction pathway. These chemicals can either activate or hamper the pathway’s response. For example, chemicals such as lead, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and ethanol have the ability to have neurotoxic effects with specific signal transduction pathways.

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